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Ok, so I am asking this because I am both repulsed and confused—-what is up with the young guys wearing their pants so low that the entire ass is out? I know my generation popularized the sagging pants, but they were never all the way down there. At first I thought it was cuz their pants were highwaters and they didnt want anyone to know, then I thought it was cuz they had on skinny jeans that were dumb tight and their nuts needed oxygen, then I thought it was an indication that they were homo-sexual and wanted some man to come put something in their little dookey-shoots. Now I just don’t know what to think. But I know its effing stupid, and there is absolutely no way I could ever be attracted to a man who wore ill fitting clothes.

Come to think of it, these young men now-a-days act like little bitches!!! I always see them talking all loud, laughing and smiling all the damn time. When I was a teenager, we liked quiet mysterious men, talking and giggling is for bitches. We liked a nigga who you never saw smile, who looked a little scary, maybe even had a checkered past, but damn sure wasnt talking bout nothing he had, or nothing he had done….that was an admission of guilt. Loose lips sink ships. Today I heard this young man singing some rap song all loud talking bout he “has them Kilos”—nigga you aint got kilos of shit!!! And If you did, a nigga would “take your brick, smack you wit it, then sell it back to em” (for all my true Jay-Z fans)!!!!

Plus what’s with all the loud ass color clothes?! Running round here looking like some type of psychodellic Barbie doll or something with glitter and colorful paint all over their clothes. I just be looking at these boys (and you know Imma bad bitch, so they be tryna check me out) with disgust, and they think Im like giving them the eye or something. Nigga you look like a homeless faggot, and what’s worse is you out here pretending to be something that you’re not. I have no problem with a boy from the suburbs…just be who you are–play your position! Don’t talk about all the drugs you sell, when you’re a broke college student living off the allowance you get from your parents. ((PLIES))

And these young girls don’t know how to tell a fake from a real Louis Vuitton bag to save their lives!!! Sweety, your Speedy bag should not have gold studs on the bottom!!! Never, under any circumstances. And Vuitton uses one piece of fabric throughout, therefore, one side of the bag has the logo right side up, the other side has the logo upside down. If you look homeless and your hair is not done, I will not be inclined to believe that your bag is real. If you bought it from any other website besides Vuitton or Neiman Marcus, your bag is probably fake. In the words of Nikki Minaj, “Step your cookies up before the crumble”!!!!

All of this fashion faux pas bufoonery just leaves me asking one question….WHERE DEY DO DAT AT?!?!?!?!?!


 Soooo, my new favorite bitch is (drum-roll please)………………..The Harajuku Barbie, Nicki Minaj!!!! She is signed to Lil’ Wayne’s label, Young Money, but by no means from the N.O. She is from Queens, NY, and bringing some much needed femininity to the game. I had been hearing a little buzz around her name, and she really got my attention on the “5 Star Chick” remix with Yo Gotti, Trina, and Gucci Mane, while her rhymes on this track are sub-par compared to her others, but she definetly has theeeeee hottest chain in the game right now which is what reeeeeaaaaaalllllly got my attention, seeing as how my alter ego is also BARBIE!!!! So I “bought” a few of her mixtapes, and FELL IN LOVE with her flow, her swag, and (some of) her style. Sometimes her diction sounds a little bit like Lil’ Kim, and she covered a few Biggie hits that Kim also did covers of, and Kim first called herself the “Black Barbie dressed in Bvlgari” and posed as a Barbie doll in her “How Many Licks Does it Take” video circa 2000, when Nicki, ( who is now aged 24 about to turn 25 in about two weeks) was surely alive and listening, but I can’t really knock her for trying cuz all things old are new again, and she has taken the Barbie alias to different heights. She calls herself the Harajuku Barbie because she appreciates and her style semi-mimicks the Harajuku culture of Japan, and there are constant references in her raps to Asian culture “faster than a sprinter, pass me my chopsticks, I eat this rap bitches for dinner”, her other aliases include Nicki Lewinsky (cuz she only fucks with Presidents), Nicki the Ninja, and of course Minaj is not her real name, she changed it from Maraj because Minaj was a play on her bisexuality, the fact that she has a nasty flow, and she eats the other rap bitches with her flow!!! IDK how I feel about her style, it needs a little work, I love and appreciate the pink girly glitzy glam look, but she needs to step her cookies up in the fashion department, it looks a little “Wet Seal” or “Forever 21”….I am NOT HATING at all, I love dat Bitch, but she should perhaps marry the style of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Lil Kim, Hayden Pannatiere, Barbie, and the Harajuku Girls to create some sort of Haute Couture style that is unique to her. I love the chain, love the hair (with the lil pink at the bottom) love the Barbie pink nail polish, buuuuut we gon need you to cut the stripper nails a little; short nails are def the trend, and have been for the past like 3 years, that long shit is played. But on an interview at, she did say that her style was evolving, and that she was going to step outside of the rap fashion box, so I would love to see her in some sexy Barbie Pink mini dresses, maybe even a gown on the red carpet, I do adore the tutu’s and happen to be the proud owner of a Haute Couture tutu (I’ll have to find you guys the website), But I would really like to see Minaj step out as a true fashion icon, and not just a caricature like Lil’ Kim. Her lyrics and metaphors are crazy, she raps over the hardest and most popular beats as if they are her own, and we cannot wait for her album, which is stated to be released in the second quarter of 2010. But in the meantime, we can get our Nicki fix with the latest compilation cd of Young Money artists, the first single is called Bed Rock featuring Nicki, Lloyd, Drake, and Gudda Gudda, and a video soon coming. Also, she is featured on the newest Robin Thicke single “Shakin it for Daddy”, and Jay-Z personally suggested to Thicke that Minaj be featured on the track!!!! In the meantime…..IT’s BARBIE BITCH!!!!

What is it about the work force and the opposite sex??? For some reason, women and men who can, and do make friends easily with people of the same sex, just tend to form boarderline inappropriate relationships with opposite sexes. A woman could have a perfectly friendly and fair female boss, but that same woman would develop a personal and flirty relationship with a male boss or co-worker. I am not sure if they see him as a father figure, or an unattainable romantic interest, but women do things for a male boss that they would never do for a female boss; cook for him, confide in him about the troubles she’s with her man, do more work than what is required, and very efficiently too. If a female boss were to ask any of those things to her female employee she would be met with a resounding “no!”

Is it because of the sexist culture that is so embedded in all facets of this country that women make consessions for their male bosses, and almost assume the role of wife, even in the workplace? It is not difficult to see how a man could have an affair with a female employee; if she is fulfilling the duties that he expects of his wife (only in the workplace, and not in the home) he finds in his workplace wife characteristics that are attractive to him, additionally, she, as his employee, supports him, in a way that a wife does. So many movies, including Obsessed, which is an updated version of an old favorite, Fatal Attraction, play on this chemistry that exists within the workplace, but ignore the sexist undertones.

While the employee and the employer are very attractive people, and a physical attraction seems obvious, the fact that they assume the stereo-typical role is what allows room for the affair; he is masculine and demanding, and virtually insensitive to all her feelings, and she is happily submissive, taking on extra work to please him, when he will be the only one who truly benefits from her efficiency.

Men too, might persue a woman in the workplace that they might not ordinarily be able to have romantic interactions with were it not for the fact that they have a working friendship. If a beautiful woman works and develops a friendship with a less attractive man than she, but she enjoys his company, his sentiments, and his willingness to do some of her work for her, or, if she relies on the completion of his job in order for her to do her own, and he is efficient in his work, she would likely find his reliablity attractive, and he makes her job less daunting. It is unlikely that he is as hard-working as he seems, but he is doing so to win her over, and it is usually effective.

The workplace is undoubtedly a dangerous place for people in committed relationships, it can be more tempting than a strip club (because at least then you know what you are and are not getting), but in the work place, there’s no telling how far the other person is willing to go, and curiosity is a deadly killer…….

Because I live in ditzy-girl-world, I allowed my car to run out of coolant, thus it overheated. I was in such a rush to get where I was going, that I didn’t realize my car was over heating until my car was surrounded by a cloud of black smoke!!! I’m talking about so much smoke that it looked like it was about to blow up! So of course I blew the head gasket, and of course I drive a BMW, so what would’ve been an $800 job, turned out to be an $1800 job!

Then after that situation was resolved, moving day came, the movers quoted me $350, and once everything was done, they said it would be $550!!! Sorry guys, that’s $200 you won’t be receiving!!! You know they tried to argue me down for like an hour, but in the end, I was able to jew em down!

Then, I went to a Halloween party, and the girl from Friends Part II (who wasn’t speaking to me, and sometimes doesn’t speak to our mutual friends because they’re speaking to me…lol) was in attendance, and speaking to me as if nothing happened! She was the quintessential life of the party, so much so that she was getting on everyone’s nerves! There was not one person there that she didn’t have a full conversation with! I’m telling ya’ll, the girl was acting as if it were HER party! She even went up to my boyfriend and jokingly told him if he didn’t participate in the party that she would “never speak to him again” at which point I heard someone yell out “Uh, I don’t think he cares!” All night long, all I could think was “this girl is seriously a schizo”! She even found it necessary to narrate the party to us; if something was going on in another room, she would come back into the room that her (former) friends were in, and tell us all about what we had missed!!!! I had never seen this side of her, she was acting so corny, and childish, I was kinda happy that she dumped me, because I had mistakenly befriended a lame!!!!

Not to mention, I am 75% sure that the reason she has stopped speaking to me is because her boyfriend won’t allow her to! (And that’s so LAAAAAAME!!! (Jay-z voice)) He doesn’t like me because he knows that I know for 100% FACT that he has cheated on her on multiple occasions, and he’s afraid that I will one day share my information with her, which I never have…until now, so if she’s reading this blog…”you dumped a good friend for a cheating ass boyfriend. You deserve whatever you get fake bitch!”

And do you know that on Monday when I saw her, she didn’t speak to me again, after she was ALL IN MY FACE on Sunday?!?!?!?!? “C’mon Son!” (check out on you tube Ed Lover’s skits called “C’mon Son“—sooo funny!)

I ain’t got time for the 50/50, that why I KEEPS IT 100 BIYOCHES!!!! xoxo

I am 26 years old and wouldn’t say that I am old yet, but definetly exoperienced. I would never expect to be thrust into a “high school-esque” friendship, especially with a young lady who proclaims to be and always has been “mature for her age”. However faithful followers, I am the victim of such a “friendship”. I should have seen this coming….

This person and I have many mutual friends, and I have seen her treat our other friends this way; when her boyfriend puts her in a bad mood, or when someone says or does something that she dislikes, she will just stop talking to them, for days or weeks at a time. If we are all together, that one person will simply be excluded from her conversation, its like a game of Uno…”Skip you, reverse, draw 2!” But she never did this to me, and I figured it was because she and I were the closest out of our group of friends, or perhaps because I knew when she was in a bad mood and needed to be left alone, while others tried to force her into conversation. Wat’s worse is that when she’s ready to start talking to you again, she just jumps right into the conversation as if nothing ever happened, and never even offers so much as an apology! Well eventually, she gave me the silent treatment, and because I am so afraid of true conflict, when she was ready to start talking to me again, I let her. So now, I am in the situation again, she isn’t speaking to me, and I feel like something needs to be said, but I don’t know what to say or how to say it. I want to say, I consider you to be my really good friend, and that’s the only reason I’m eating this humble pie and coming to you first, but you can’t dictate when we are friends and when we’re not, if someone is truly your friend you talk to them if there is a problem, and try not to do anything to hurt them in the future. But I feel like saying, Bitch get your phony ass the fuck out my face!  I need help!!!! I enjoy our friendship, and I really like her, for the most part she is mature for her age, except when it comes to problem solving, I suppose. But I don’t even take this type of treatment from my man, wtf I look like taking if from another woman?!?!?! WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!?!?!

So my former best friend is now dating a former beau of mine. (For the sake of confusion, we will call my ex A and my friend B. )It doesn’t upset me, because I am long over the former flame, however, I am not sure if this relationship is appropriate. Had it been an ex of mine that I still had feelings for, I would have been very upset. Furthermore, I probably wouldn’t  have known that I still had feelings for the ex until I found out that they were now dating a friend of mine. This friend, B,  is extremely lucky!!!!

When A and I were in a relationship, A cheated on me with my friend, whom we will call C. I got over it, and started a new relationship with D, and patched up my friendship with C. Then D cheated on me with C. Well after that, I made it my business to ruin C’s life. I told C’s mother horrible truths about her child, and I told all of mine and C‘s friends what a terrible person C really was. If that wasn’t enough, I sent flyers all around our school’s campus with much of C‘s personal and private information, and a large photograph of C as well. I’m chuckling as I recount how fun revenge can be! The bottom line is, you do not want to cross me, and B took a huge risk when they began dating my ex, A. Lucky for A and B I feel next to nothing for either of them.

How do other people feel about friends dating exes? Is it normal to socially murder someone for that type of betrayal? If you are completely over the ex, could it be possible for them to date your friend without committing social suicide? And why is it so fun and exciting to date within a circle of lovers and friends?! I am guilty of this infraction myself. Once in High School,  and once in college. Both times, I started a relationship with a nice guy, and then fell for his bad boy friend. Ladies should know, all that’s going to come of this is: The bad boy will break your heart, and you will break up, then the two boys will go back to being friends.

On to my next topic…..the aforementioned ex, A has some nappy ass hair, and only dates women with pretty hair because of A‘s self insecurity. A literally has a “pretty hair” fetish!!!! So women who dont have naturally soft and silky indian remy hair are just undeserving of love?!?! (Not that anyone anywhere should ever hope to be loved by A–lol) However, there are black people who internalize white people’s perception of black hair so much that they attempt to Darwin the naps out of their family tree! This is insanity!!! I cannot wait to see Chris Rock’s “Good Hair”—on a preview I saw, Raven Symone is wiggling her wig around, Wendy Williams style. And I appreciate the honesty of these celebs who can show us that their look is “enhanced”….cuz before black men were out here thinking that bitches should naturally look like Nia Long–well there you have it, even that bitch got a weave! Stay tuned!!! (PS Housewives was sooooooo effing boring last week!! I fell asleep on parts of it and had to rewatch it–Dwight running in heels and that catsuit though ROTFLMMFAO!!!!!)

So last night on Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Atlanta….

Kim’s infamous sugar daddy “Big Poppa” aka Lee Najjar, Atlanta real estate tycoon “proposed” to her, right before the lavish birthday party that he financed for Kim and Kandi’s joint party. I don’t know what type of fake ass proposal that was cuz Najjar is still legally married, in fact you can see his home and REAL LIFE FAMILY as they are featured on MTV’s Teen Cribs:

Last week at Sheree’s lame independence party, Kim told Nene that she no longer wanted her to sing “Tardy for the Party” with her, Nene had a violent erruption that was first directed at Kim, then at the song’s producer, Kandi. Because of this, the ex-stripper found herself out of the loop this week as she was not invited to Kim and Kandi’s birthday party, nor was she invited to Kandi’s showcase. But even the invited guests (Sheree and Kim) didn’t show up so maybe she didn’t miss much.

Next week Sheree and Dwight will work together on her fashion show for her clothing line, “She by Sheree” which will inevitably end with the two clashing heads, because both of them think they know everything, and honestly, neither of them know shit, cuz if they did they’d be in LA, and not Atlanta. I predict the fashion show will be good for Atlanta’s standards, if she allows Dwight the freedom to run the show without too much reistance, otherwise, he might just quit. People might actually help Sheree if she weren’t such a bitch, and what’s even worse is that she’s broke and trying to save face. I believe the house she’s living in is actually owned by Bravo.

None of these fake bitches really impress me, Bravo needs some women with some real money. Kandi and Kim have money, but their lives are all fucked up. When Kim was without Big Poppa, she seemed destitute, she is not his wife, and has no rights to any of his money. She needs him. Kandi has her own paper so what she ever saw in that lame nigga is beyond me, thank God she got rid of him, but she’s so dumb and country, he still got his hand in her pocket cuz she’s taking care of two of his daughters. Their mother decided they were too much to hanlde, and he decided they needed a female infulence, so Kandi is their new mommy! How cute….and stupid. TTYL


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