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Preggers and Partying

Posted on: September 9, 2009

So I’ve been watching the new season of Kourtney and Khloe (Kardashian) Take Miami on E! and to my understanding, they’ve been filming this show all summer, and Kourtney is saying that she’s 8 months pregnant…I really hope her baby doesn’t have downs-syndrome after all that partying (I’m just saying).  I honestly think after a bitch gets knocked up, her partying days should come to a servere halt, “I can’t have old pregnant bitches running ’round the club” (quote from the movie Knocked Up). For those of you dumb pregnant bitches out there who think a little won’t hurt your baby, you are dead wrong. No drinking, no smoking (going cold turkey will not harm your baby, you stupid dundalk whore), and by all means, no coke sniffing!!!! It’s sad that I should even have to say that, but consider it a public service announcement, courtesey of Princess Krista, biyoches!!!! xoxo ttyl


5 Responses to "Preggers and Partying"

Lmao @ dundalk whore you are “rough” lol

Damn! @ stupid dundalk whore lmao that’s “rough’

dammit I didn’t know I had already posted it yesterday geez

“Bitch” must be your favorite word!!!

I have to agree w/ you; after a women gets pregnant, it’s over! I don’t care if you 12 or 45. You are done until the six or seventh week after the child is born.

However, to hope that the baby has DS was a little extreme and kinda hateful.

You are so crude and vulgar! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? (Yes!) There’s just no changing you, you’ve always been so headstrong in your convictions. Makes for pretty funny stuff though! You definetly achieved the “WOW!” factor!

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