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This weeks drama

Posted on: September 14, 2009

So…..The Dream and Christina Milian eloped on Friday, September 4, 2009 (Beyonce’s 28th B-day) in Las Vegas at the Little White Wedding Chapel….as we all know that’s the same place where Britney Spears married Jason Alexander (hope that’s not a sign of things to come). One week later the couple announced that it was a shot-gun wedding…ahem, I mean the couple is happily expecting!! There are varying opinions of this relationship, most thought she was just fucking him for beats, cuz lets face it, the nigga is ugly, but he’s rich and his career is hot, and she is a whore with a dead career, so the union seems logical. But even an ugly nigga can have enough swag to make the most beautiful woman fall in love with him. However, The Dream does not strike me as this swagger having example. We’ll see how this plays out, meanwhile, I hope The Dream takes a few notes from Nas, cuz Christina is sure to be following the Kellis prototype.

In other news, Lil Wayne and Lauren London welcomed their baby boy on 09-09-09, no word yet on the name, but here’s hoping he looks more like his mama. What these bitches see in that high ass nigga is beyond me, but he is getting paper…..I’m just saying.

Ok, so on to last night’s MTV Video Music Awards….what in the fuck was Lady Gaga thinking about when she decided on all them stupid ass outfits? I understand trying to make a statement and all, but what it really looked like was because the bitch was nominated for 9 awards, she thought she was gon’ get quite a few of em and wanted to make a statement doing so. Instead she just looked like a freak show sitting behind (my #1 Bitch) Beyonce. When she finally won the Best New Artist award (which she truly deserved) all I could think was “I hope that bitch falls up the steps with that dumb ass shit on!” Her BFF Perez Hilton, who partied here in D.C the night before, was there cheering her on like a good fag should!

And on to the Taylor Swift/Kanye West/ Beyonce drama….Taylor Swift won the award for Best Female Video, and in true Kanye fashion, he ran on the stage, and snatched the mic from Taylor in the middle of her acceptance speech and tiraded “Yo Taylor I’m really happy for you, and I’m gon’ let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time…one of the best videos of all time!” We all know that Kanye is Jay-Z’s #1 dick rider, so insulting a lil white bitch to butter up the boss’s wife seems only fitting. Being the lady that she is, when Beyonce won Best Video of the Year, she invited Taylor back on stage to give her acceptance speech again. This probably seemed like a slap in the face to many, but I’m sure Jay, Bey and Kanye all had a pretty good laugh about this later that evening.

Speaking of Jay, this stuntin ass nigga pulls up at the end of the damn show in a caravan of black Escalades, followed by a black Maybach to perform with Alicia Keys their song “New York” which is on his latest album, The Blueprint III. What the fuck either of them was wearing was beyond me. They both looked a hot ass mess, and who the fuck did Alicia’s hair needs to be FIRED! And BTW, MTV’s security must suck, cuz how the hell did she end up on the stage at the end of the song??? And what she was wearing was even worse than Jay and Alicia, and even worse than her normal attire on ABDC. She and Lady Gaga prob make great friends with Bjork with them dumb ass costumes!

That’s all for now. I’ll be getting back to you with a RHOATL update shortly xoxo bitches


2 Responses to "This weeks drama"

You are crazy girl!! I love the way you think, and love the way you write!!! Its just so obvious, and I really appreciate that. You say what we’re all thinking, and then some–lol! Great re-cap of the awards drama. I just saw like last week on you-tube, that Beyonce actually tried to stop Lil Mama from going up on the stage, she grabbed her arm, and Lil Mama pulled away and continued walking….that makes her appearance on the stage even worse!!!

Kanye West is a fool! That was so mean what he did to that young girl, Taylor Swift, I really like her! But he was right though, Beyonce really did have one of the best videos of all time, I mean come on, Obama’s even doing the dance!

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