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I’m in love with Linda Perrry (no homo)

Posted on: September 27, 2009

So I watched the VH1 Behind the Music special on Pink, and I was very impressed not only with her singing but of her strenghtand courage as she battled a drug addiction as a young teen. Helping her cope with her depression was music. She was inspired by the lead singer of the alternative 90’s group Four Non_Blondes, Linda Perry. When Pink set out to record her sophomore album, she decided to go with a different sound, and deeper emoitions. In her quest for a more personal album, Pink sought out her childhood mentor, Linda Perry and asked for her help. Perry co-wrote and produced several tracks on Pink’s sophomore “Missundaztood” and other pop artists were so inspired by what Perry was able to bring out that they too were looking to hire her. Most notably was Christina Aguilera. Pink became very jealous of this union because she is essentially responsible for reviving Perry’s carreer, and Pink and VH1 mentioned that Perry wrote one of Aguilera’s most popular songs Beautiful, and from there my obsession with Perry grew.

I wanted to know everything that Perry had a handd in writing and producing. She wrote and produced four songs on Aguilera’s sophomore Stripped, and Aguilera’s third album, Back to Basics was a double cd release of which Perry produced, ad co-wrote every song on the disc 2. Perry has also written for  Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani, the Dixie Chicks, Alicia Keys, Solange Knowles  Vanessa Carlton, gavin Rossdale, and Celine Dionne to name a few. It seems as though Perry has got the Midas touch when it comes to pop music, and I am anxiously awaiting her future endeavours….did someone say Beyonce???


3 Responses to "I’m in love with Linda Perrry (no homo)"

I watch the special about pink too, it was really interesting to me, also. I have always loved her but I think that it has stepped up a notch now that I saw the special

After I read this, I googled Linda Perry and found out all the stuff she wrote, and I love her too! Thanks for the update boo

“What’s up….Hey…..what’s going on?!” LOL that’s how her first song went with her group three non-blondes, I kinda rememeber that from like ’93! I thought she fell off the map, I didn’t know she was still making hits, and making money! Good for her! She’s a lyrical and musical genius, I googled her too, and she’s had a lot of hits, in fact, most of them were “my favorite song” for a period of time! I would love for her to come out with an album again

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