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Posted on: October 2, 2009

So last night on Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Atlanta….

Kim’s infamous sugar daddy “Big Poppa” aka Lee Najjar, Atlanta real estate tycoon “proposed” to her, right before the lavish birthday party that he financed for Kim and Kandi’s joint party. I don’t know what type of fake ass proposal that was cuz Najjar is still legally married, in fact you can see his home and REAL LIFE FAMILY as they are featured on MTV’s Teen Cribs:

Last week at Sheree’s lame independence party, Kim told Nene that she no longer wanted her to sing “Tardy for the Party” with her, Nene had a violent erruption that was first directed at Kim, then at the song’s producer, Kandi. Because of this, the ex-stripper found herself out of the loop this week as she was not invited to Kim and Kandi’s birthday party, nor was she invited to Kandi’s showcase. But even the invited guests (Sheree and Kim) didn’t show up so maybe she didn’t miss much.

Next week Sheree and Dwight will work together on her fashion show for her clothing line, “She by Sheree” which will inevitably end with the two clashing heads, because both of them think they know everything, and honestly, neither of them know shit, cuz if they did they’d be in LA, and not Atlanta. I predict the fashion show will be good for Atlanta’s standards, if she allows Dwight the freedom to run the show without too much reistance, otherwise, he might just quit. People might actually help Sheree if she weren’t such a bitch, and what’s even worse is that she’s broke and trying to save face. I believe the house she’s living in is actually owned by Bravo.

None of these fake bitches really impress me, Bravo needs some women with some real money. Kandi and Kim have money, but their lives are all fucked up. When Kim was without Big Poppa, she seemed destitute, she is not his wife, and has no rights to any of his money. She needs him. Kandi has her own paper so what she ever saw in that lame nigga is beyond me, thank God she got rid of him, but she’s so dumb and country, he still got his hand in her pocket cuz she’s taking care of two of his daughters. Their mother decided they were too much to hanlde, and he decided they needed a female infulence, so Kandi is their new mommy! How cute….and stupid. TTYL


4 Responses to "Just Gossipin"

I mean this is all well and good, but maybe this Big Poppa guy really loves her. Who are you to be making these assumptions. There are judges everywhere and you are one of them.

Kandis former fiance AJ was killed tonight in an Atlanta club fight. Our prayers go out 2 both families. RIP AJ

wow is all I have to say

I love this show, so much Drama, I never could have even imagined a show like this! That Nene is so funny!

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