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Lovers and Friends

Posted on: October 12, 2009

So my former best friend is now dating a former beau of mine. (For the sake of confusion, we will call my ex A and my friend B. )It doesn’t upset me, because I am long over the former flame, however, I am not sure if this relationship is appropriate. Had it been an ex of mine that I still had feelings for, I would have been very upset. Furthermore, I probably wouldn’t  have known that I still had feelings for the ex until I found out that they were now dating a friend of mine. This friend, B,  is extremely lucky!!!!

When A and I were in a relationship, A cheated on me with my friend, whom we will call C. I got over it, and started a new relationship with D, and patched up my friendship with C. Then D cheated on me with C. Well after that, I made it my business to ruin C’s life. I told C’s mother horrible truths about her child, and I told all of mine and C‘s friends what a terrible person C really was. If that wasn’t enough, I sent flyers all around our school’s campus with much of C‘s personal and private information, and a large photograph of C as well. I’m chuckling as I recount how fun revenge can be! The bottom line is, you do not want to cross me, and B took a huge risk when they began dating my ex, A. Lucky for A and B I feel next to nothing for either of them.

How do other people feel about friends dating exes? Is it normal to socially murder someone for that type of betrayal? If you are completely over the ex, could it be possible for them to date your friend without committing social suicide? And why is it so fun and exciting to date within a circle of lovers and friends?! I am guilty of this infraction myself. Once in High School,  and once in college. Both times, I started a relationship with a nice guy, and then fell for his bad boy friend. Ladies should know, all that’s going to come of this is: The bad boy will break your heart, and you will break up, then the two boys will go back to being friends.

On to my next topic…..the aforementioned ex, A has some nappy ass hair, and only dates women with pretty hair because of A‘s self insecurity. A literally has a “pretty hair” fetish!!!! So women who dont have naturally soft and silky indian remy hair are just undeserving of love?!?! (Not that anyone anywhere should ever hope to be loved by A–lol) However, there are black people who internalize white people’s perception of black hair so much that they attempt to Darwin the naps out of their family tree! This is insanity!!! I cannot wait to see Chris Rock’s “Good Hair”—on a preview I saw, Raven Symone is wiggling her wig around, Wendy Williams style. And I appreciate the honesty of these celebs who can show us that their look is “enhanced”….cuz before black men were out here thinking that bitches should naturally look like Nia Long–well there you have it, even that bitch got a weave! Stay tuned!!! (PS Housewives was sooooooo effing boring last week!! I fell asleep on parts of it and had to rewatch it–Dwight running in heels and that catsuit though ROTFLMMFAO!!!!!)


6 Responses to "Lovers and Friends"

OMG!!! I am cracking up reading this. thanx for keepin it 100! lmao

I think it should be a know fact that anyone should date their friend’s ex.

Exes of friends are OFF LIMITS. I do not want anything that my friends had………NASTY!!!!!!!!!!! To be honest when stuff like this happens, I would just cut them both off because I think that the friends was interested when you all were dating, but did not want to ruin the friendship……..Damn homie, you need to come back to your old friends like me because that is crazy, People nowadays do not know the meaning of FRIENDS>>>>>>>>>

There is just something about the fact that it is forbidden that makes it all the more tempting though! When you know you are not supposed to fall for someone, that just makes the attraction stronger. I have been on both sides of this tale, and even though it hurt me like hell to be the one that got cheated on, it was soooooo much fun when the shoe was on the other foot!!

Yessssss!!!!! Good Hair was amazing! It is pretty dumb how we Black people as a culture are obsessed with straight long hair. We pride ourselves on being different, and trend setters, but here we are trying to emulate white women’s hair. And I can’t even front because I have worn a weave before, and lied to myself saying I was switching my look up, but eventually I just didn’t see the logic in it, and stopped wearing it. I still get relaxers, and after watching his movie, I dont plan on getting those anymore either. And what’s worse is that Black men are just as obsessed with “good hair” as we are, just like you mentioned. My brother said he’s not interested in dating a woman who has to wear a scarf to protect her hair at night. SO….he’s only interested in dating women with “good hair” or white women, presumably. That is just horrifying to even think that the men of our culture have no desire to date us because we have the same hair that they and their mothers, and sisters have…. talk about self-hatred!!!! That “ex A” probably needs some serious counseling along with my brother! lol

I remember all of this, and I wanted to beat the crap out of A, C and D for you! They all had it coming!!! People like this dont even deserve to breathe your air! They are no good. stay away!

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