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My Life is Like a Bad Sit-com!!!

Posted on: November 3, 2009

Because I live in ditzy-girl-world, I allowed my car to run out of coolant, thus it overheated. I was in such a rush to get where I was going, that I didn’t realize my car was over heating until my car was surrounded by a cloud of black smoke!!! I’m talking about so much smoke that it looked like it was about to blow up! So of course I blew the head gasket, and of course I drive a BMW, so what would’ve been an $800 job, turned out to be an $1800 job!

Then after that situation was resolved, moving day came, the movers quoted me $350, and once everything was done, they said it would be $550!!! Sorry guys, that’s $200 you won’t be receiving!!! You know they tried to argue me down for like an hour, but in the end, I was able to jew em down!

Then, I went to a Halloween party, and the girl from Friends Part II (who wasn’t speaking to me, and sometimes doesn’t speak to our mutual friends because they’re speaking to me…lol) was in attendance, and speaking to me as if nothing happened! She was the quintessential life of the party, so much so that she was getting on everyone’s nerves! There was not one person there that she didn’t have a full conversation with! I’m telling ya’ll, the girl was acting as if it were HER party! She even went up to my boyfriend and jokingly told him if he didn’t participate in the party that she would “never speak to him again” at which point I heard someone yell out “Uh, I don’t think he cares!” All night long, all I could think was “this girl is seriously a schizo”! She even found it necessary to narrate the party to us; if something was going on in another room, she would come back into the room that her (former) friends were in, and tell us all about what we had missed!!!! I had never seen this side of her, she was acting so corny, and childish, I was kinda happy that she dumped me, because I had mistakenly befriended a lame!!!!

Not to mention, I am 75% sure that the reason she has stopped speaking to me is because her boyfriend won’t allow her to! (And that’s so LAAAAAAME!!! (Jay-z voice)) He doesn’t like me because he knows that I know for 100% FACT that he has cheated on her on multiple occasions, and he’s afraid that I will one day share my information with her, which I never have…until now, so if she’s reading this blog…”you dumped a good friend for a cheating ass boyfriend. You deserve whatever you get fake bitch!”

And do you know that on Monday when I saw her, she didn’t speak to me again, after she was ALL IN MY FACE on Sunday?!?!?!?!? “C’mon Son!” (check out on you tube Ed Lover’s skits called “C’mon Son“—sooo funny!)

I ain’t got time for the 50/50, that why I KEEPS IT 100 BIYOCHES!!!! xoxo


4 Responses to "My Life is Like a Bad Sit-com!!!"

Yeah, I’ll have to say it was a slow week. However, I am happy your “friend” is a thing of the past!!!

WTF IS UP WITH THAT GIRL?!?!?!?! Friends dont treat each other like that. If someone is truly your friend, it is okay to have a fight or disagreement because it is understood that at the end of the day you are friends. You talk to them about your problem and you eventually work it out and go back to being friends. But that 50/50 is so wack!!!! People need to talk their problems out, not pretend that they dont exist. Thank you for keeping it 100 like you always do!

Girl!!! Your life is like a bad sit com!!! I have never heard of such bad luck in my life! But you know what they say…after the rain comes the sunshine. So just stay positive. I am sorry about your friend, It sucks when people are just fake and phony and you are nothing but nice to them. They will learn eventually, good friends are hard to come by…..

You really are a Black Blonde! How did you let your car run out of coolant?! I guess that’s where all my money goes! Friends come and go, and you’ve always had plenty. If one isnt being genuine, let her go, its not worth the trouble. You know who your real friends are

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