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Where They Do Dat At?!

Posted on: December 4, 2009

Ok, so I am asking this because I am both repulsed and confused—-what is up with the young guys wearing their pants so low that the entire ass is out? I know my generation popularized the sagging pants, but they were never all the way down there. At first I thought it was cuz their pants were highwaters and they didnt want anyone to know, then I thought it was cuz they had on skinny jeans that were dumb tight and their nuts needed oxygen, then I thought it was an indication that they were homo-sexual and wanted some man to come put something in their little dookey-shoots. Now I just don’t know what to think. But I know its effing stupid, and there is absolutely no way I could ever be attracted to a man who wore ill fitting clothes.

Come to think of it, these young men now-a-days act like little bitches!!! I always see them talking all loud, laughing and smiling all the damn time. When I was a teenager, we liked quiet mysterious men, talking and giggling is for bitches. We liked a nigga who you never saw smile, who looked a little scary, maybe even had a checkered past, but damn sure wasnt talking bout nothing he had, or nothing he had done….that was an admission of guilt. Loose lips sink ships. Today I heard this young man singing some rap song all loud talking bout he “has them Kilos”—nigga you aint got kilos of shit!!! And If you did, a nigga would “take your brick, smack you wit it, then sell it back to em” (for all my true Jay-Z fans)!!!!

Plus what’s with all the loud ass color clothes?! Running round here looking like some type of psychodellic Barbie doll or something with glitter and colorful paint all over their clothes. I just be looking at these boys (and you know Imma bad bitch, so they be tryna check me out) with disgust, and they think Im like giving them the eye or something. Nigga you look like a homeless faggot, and what’s worse is you out here pretending to be something that you’re not. I have no problem with a boy from the suburbs…just be who you are–play your position! Don’t talk about all the drugs you sell, when you’re a broke college student living off the allowance you get from your parents. ((PLIES))

And these young girls don’t know how to tell a fake from a real Louis Vuitton bag to save their lives!!! Sweety, your Speedy bag should not have gold studs on the bottom!!! Never, under any circumstances. And Vuitton uses one piece of fabric throughout, therefore, one side of the bag has the logo right side up, the other side has the logo upside down. If you look homeless and your hair is not done, I will not be inclined to believe that your bag is real. If you bought it from any other website besides Vuitton or Neiman Marcus, your bag is probably fake. In the words of Nikki Minaj, “Step your cookies up before the crumble”!!!!

All of this fashion faux pas bufoonery just leaves me asking one question….WHERE DEY DO DAT AT?!?!?!?!?!


1 Response to "Where They Do Dat At?!"

About the LV bags , In my opinion LV has become a ghetto style and no longer has any prestige.

Do a google image search for lil kim and Vuitton and youll see what I mean.

Just like wearing Timberland boots is the choice of thugs , carrying a LV bag is synonymous with being a hood rat.
One that either blew a months rent, or got her drug dealer boyfriend/ sugar daddy to buy it for her.
I actually have more honor for the young girl who saved money and bought a fake one.
People should have a better sense of worth about themselves than in the material items that they own.
Would you really feel like a lesser person if you were carrying a bag from Walmart?

I believe the guys that you saw with thier butts out and giggling were gay and eventually they will start cross dressing.

Drug dealing rap lyrics,
I dont understand how you can blast a guy for rapping about dealing drugs then use some of Jay Zs drug dealing lyrics.

All of todays rap music is about selling drugs ,being a pimp , hustla , smoking drugs and living a lavish lifestyle.

Every time a kid turns on a radio he is being told to be a drug dealer so he can buy the LV bags for his ho’s.
Hip hop music encourage young women to become ho’s and get drug dealer boyfriends so they can get real LV bags.

Everything a young man does , he does to impress the women around. If the young women want a lil wayne or Jay Z then thats what the young men will act like.

So the reason he was rapping drug dealing lyrics out loud was to get attention from the young women.

Lets just hope that more young males choose President Obama as thier role model instead of Lil Wayne or other rappers.

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  • beach comber: About the LV bags , In my opinion LV has become a ghetto style and no longer has any prestige. Do a google image search for lil kim and Vuitton and
  • Princess Krista: LOL!!! Ericka I know this is you! Thank you for your comment, and Im glad to know that you are a fan!!! LOL at google Tianna!!!! and yes, since jay to
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