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It’s Barbie Bitch!

Posted on: November 23, 2009

 Soooo, my new favorite bitch is (drum-roll please)………………..The Harajuku Barbie, Nicki Minaj!!!! She is signed to Lil’ Wayne’s label, Young Money, but by no means from the N.O. She is from Queens, NY, and bringing some much needed femininity to the game. I had been hearing a little buzz around her name, and she really got my attention on the “5 Star Chick” remix with Yo Gotti, Trina, and Gucci Mane, while her rhymes on this track are sub-par compared to her others, but she definetly has theeeeee hottest chain in the game right now which is what reeeeeaaaaaalllllly got my attention, seeing as how my alter ego is also BARBIE!!!! So I “bought” a few of her mixtapes, and FELL IN LOVE with her flow, her swag, and (some of) her style. Sometimes her diction sounds a little bit like Lil’ Kim, and she covered a few Biggie hits that Kim also did covers of, and Kim first called herself the “Black Barbie dressed in Bvlgari” and posed as a Barbie doll in her “How Many Licks Does it Take” video circa 2000, when Nicki, ( who is now aged 24 about to turn 25 in about two weeks) was surely alive and listening, but I can’t really knock her for trying cuz all things old are new again, and she has taken the Barbie alias to different heights. She calls herself the Harajuku Barbie because she appreciates and her style semi-mimicks the Harajuku culture of Japan, and there are constant references in her raps to Asian culture “faster than a sprinter, pass me my chopsticks, I eat this rap bitches for dinner”, her other aliases include Nicki Lewinsky (cuz she only fucks with Presidents), Nicki the Ninja, and of course Minaj is not her real name, she changed it from Maraj because Minaj was a play on her bisexuality, the fact that she has a nasty flow, and she eats the other rap bitches with her flow!!! IDK how I feel about her style, it needs a little work, I love and appreciate the pink girly glitzy glam look, but she needs to step her cookies up in the fashion department, it looks a little “Wet Seal” or “Forever 21”….I am NOT HATING at all, I love dat Bitch, but she should perhaps marry the style of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Lil Kim, Hayden Pannatiere, Barbie, and the Harajuku Girls to create some sort of Haute Couture style that is unique to her. I love the chain, love the hair (with the lil pink at the bottom) love the Barbie pink nail polish, buuuuut we gon need you to cut the stripper nails a little; short nails are def the trend, and have been for the past like 3 years, that long shit is played. But on an interview at, she did say that her style was evolving, and that she was going to step outside of the rap fashion box, so I would love to see her in some sexy Barbie Pink mini dresses, maybe even a gown on the red carpet, I do adore the tutu’s and happen to be the proud owner of a Haute Couture tutu (I’ll have to find you guys the website), But I would really like to see Minaj step out as a true fashion icon, and not just a caricature like Lil’ Kim. Her lyrics and metaphors are crazy, she raps over the hardest and most popular beats as if they are her own, and we cannot wait for her album, which is stated to be released in the second quarter of 2010. But in the meantime, we can get our Nicki fix with the latest compilation cd of Young Money artists, the first single is called Bed Rock featuring Nicki, Lloyd, Drake, and Gudda Gudda, and a video soon coming. Also, she is featured on the newest Robin Thicke single “Shakin it for Daddy”, and Jay-Z personally suggested to Thicke that Minaj be featured on the track!!!! In the meantime…..IT’s BARBIE BITCH!!!!


5 Responses to "It’s Barbie Bitch!"

Yes!!!! Nikki is the new it girl and thank you for breaking down her lyrics. Not to mention the meaning behind her name!

And yes, I have to agree with you in regards to her fashion! You gave her way more credit by saying she looks at little “Forever 21” and “Wet Seal” like. I think she looks a little “Rainbow” but who am I to judge!?!? As time goes on and she receives more attention, her fashion will improve. Think back to 1996; Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown wasn’t too fly either….

Considering the new generation of people she is marketing herself to, do you really think they remember a Lil’ Kim line from almost 10 years ago?!?!? Personally, I think “the game” needs a pick me up because I don’t think I can handle Lil’ Mama being the “Voice of the Young People” and having having to google Teyanna (?) Taylor.

And what’s up with everyone talking about Barbie is their alter ego?!?!?

LOL!!! Ericka I know this is you! Thank you for your comment, and Im glad to know that you are a fan!!! LOL at google Tianna!!!! and yes, since jay told robin thicke to use nikki on his single, I think jay wouldnt mind so much if she had joined him on the stage rather than lil mama bamma ass!!! LOLOLOLOL oh rainbow—that’s just below the belt! I like her though shes flyy, she just needs me to be her stylist or something. lol jk love you nikki!!!

I love Nikki too!!! She is sooooo hotttt rite now, and you are right, her chain is off the hook. she is shitten on these rap niggas with her chain. Gucci has a tight chain too, he probably put her up on game because i think they mess with each other, he’s on like 50% of her songs on her mix cds. yall are both rite about her fashion, she needs a serious upgrade. but thank you for writing about her, she doesnt get enough recognition, i cant wait for her to blow up!!!! (IT’S BARBIE BITCH)

Wow! This was very informative!!! I too have heard a little buzz surrounding Nikki Menaj, and there were some cute catchy little things that I liked, but I wasnt fully convinced yet! You have really made me want to do some research on her, you are a single woman band stand for Nikki, huh? Job well done–lol. I am definetly going to look her up on limewire!

I hate Nikki Minaj!!! I am soooo tired of hearing you play this stupid music and I will be so happy when you find a new fad! Her voice is so annoying, and so is everything she says “I win…you lose….I’m the best, I’m Barbie” UGH!!! I wish she would just go away! Your generation justs accepts anything as music!

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  • Princess Krista: LOL!!! Ericka I know this is you! Thank you for your comment, and Im glad to know that you are a fan!!! LOL at google Tianna!!!! and yes, since jay to
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